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 RELEASE: XRatedz World Patch Notes 1.0

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PostSubject: RELEASE: XRatedz World Patch Notes 1.0   Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:38 pm


Me and XRated have been working exceptionally hard on the server whilst listening to your feedback, and are proud to announce the release of a New Client, with a variety of features that we are sure you will enjoy!

XRatedz World Patch 1.0 Notes:

Features Include:

- New commands and rules. Type ::commands / ::rules
- Major Graphics Rehall - Utilising Version 525 Graphics whilst maintaining the current base game engine!
- New Global Popup Notification System!
- Tweaked Exp Rates (Major Suggestion)
- Full Clan Chat
- Fun Pk Area - Test your skills risk free!
- Starting Location: Tutorial Island Added (Press Home Teleport for now).
- New points system: XRWP - Every player kill earns 4 points, Talk to the 'Captain Donnie' to claim your rewards.
- Re-Balanced Economy
- Working Recipe For Disaster Bosses & Store (Enter through the portal located near Edge bank)! After encountering increasingly challenging boss modes, the chest located near the Edge. Bank will update with more powerful items! Only the best will be able to access them!

- New Teleports changed to be in the 'Spellbook' Tab:

Varrock Tele -> Monster Tele
Lumbridge Tele -> Minigame Teleport
Falador Tele -> Boss Teleport
Camelot Teleport -> Pking Teleport
Ardougne Teleport -> Skill Teleport (In Dev.)
Watchtower Teleport -> City Teleport

- Anti-Autoclicker Thieving System! (You take damage if failure occurs, thus if not paying attention aka utilising an autoclicker, you will die!)
- Added Slayer Points System whereby items can be aquired through completion of slayer tasks!
- Non-Donator Monsters drop bones! (Dekhar Suggestion)


Donator Features:

- NEW DONATOR In-game Tab and Teleports to a SPECIAL AREA! - Donator Area Features Include:
A Custom $ symbol next to your name in chat so people know you support us!

- Portals to donator only bosses:
Falador -> Barrelchest (170)
Yanille -> Iron Dragons (189)
Varrock -> Frost Dragons (254)
Ardougne -> Tormented Demon (450)
- Bank
- Unique Thief Stalls
- Gambling NPC (Risk for Rewards!)

Donators can buy most PvP items with gold rather than PK Points
- Chaotic Shop
- Barrows Shop

DONATOR CHEST - Recieve a random RARE ITEM and/or GOLD! 1 Donator Point will give you one 'search'. The more you buy the more 'searches' you will get!

DONATOR POINT VENDOR: Purchase Vanity rares for donator points, e.g Party Hats / Mask Sets
- New Monsters /Bosses! Including but not limited to: Kalaphite Queen, Jad & Giant Mole.
- NEW SKILLING AREA - The Ability to Fish (Dekhar Suggestion) & All major non-combat skills in a unified place. (Note: Some features do not function properly).
- Agility area simplified (no bug abuse) & Added Hunting Skill
- Many New Commands (Type ::commands for a full list) such as ::kdr (Displays Kill to Death Ratio)
- SPELL UPDATE: Teleports now transfered to the 'Spellbook' - Hover over each teleport for new locations. e.g 'Falador' -> 'Boss Teleport'
- Working Godwars
- Ability to Lock Experience (Great for Pures!)
- Fixed Internal Client Links (Forums / Vote / Donate)
- Working Duel Arena
- Working Report Abuse System
- Turmoil and all other curses
- Xp Counter
- Highscores (Ingame Leaderboard for those currently online)
- Shops
- Custom Boss (Zach Suggestion)

Future Features:
- Vote4Reward System (May require a forum migration to vbullitin fo mySQL Support)
- Highscores (On Website)

Please note that your current progress will NOT BE AFFECTED with all existing user having their accounts migrated! Please Re-Create your account name ingame then post in this topic once this is done for us to modify your skills!

Special Thanks go to Fly Higher an amazing coder! Smile

We hope you Enjoy the update!


(N.B Please continue to report bugs & add suggestions!)
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RELEASE: XRatedz World Patch Notes 1.0
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